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Without face swap (left) and after face swap (right) source: the verge

As a kid, I loved impersonators — they were hilarious! But part of the fun was recognizing the faults in impersonation. Impersonation was never supposed to be perfect. But today, faking has evolved to a whole new level.

Last week @deeptomcruise ( a tiktok account that uses deep fake AI to create highly realistic Tom Cruise fake videos) posted four videos which gathered over 2M views each and had many wonder if Tom Cruise is finally on Tiktok. While the misinformation was verified quickly by media sources, the sophistication of AI to make this possible is alarming. …

Yukihiro Matsumoto (“Matz”)might not be a household name, but his invention lay foundation to the software world we see today. Matz’s fascination for computers started at a very young age when his father got a box computer system. He taught himself programming by reading books in Pascal, and hoped that one day he might write his own programming language.

Why a programming language? “Programming languages are much easier to learn and master that human languages. I learnt English for 40 years and still can’t master it” (He is being humble!)

So how did you create your own language? “By the…

MOFLIN — Image created by Vanguard Industries Inc.

COVID 19 lockdown has had a devastating effect on mental health. According to this CDC study, 40% of US adults reported a mental health or substance related issue during this time, with a majority of issues around anxiety and depression. Stress, anxiety and depression can dysregulate our immune system by producing excess cortisol, thereby increasing our odds of getting infections, cancer or other diseases. But, according to this publication, even a 15 minute interaction with a pet can drastically reduce our cortisol levels and release oxytocin and other positive chemicals helping us live longer and better.

However, many of us…

Image by Aarn Giri Unsplash

If you are a WhatsApp user, you would have received the update on its terms of service. Well, who reads it anyway right? Hold on, this time, you need to pay attention. You also need to make a decision by Feb 8, 2021 — the decision to allow WhatsApp to legally collect more of your data, or quit permanently!

  1. What data is collected and shared by WhatsApp? WhatsApp, like many apps, collects usage and device information such as your device type, operating system version, frequency of use etc. However, WhatsApp may now collect your contact number (mobile phone number), payment…

Sleeping bear dunes and Michigan lakeshore painted on canvas by Gayatri Nair (image is copyright protected)

As I eased into the passenger seat of our shiny deep blue BMW, I knew I would have a great weekend ahead. The decision to go to Sleeping Bear Dunes was rather impromptu. We wanted a break and explore Midwest, but also wanted a diverse experience. We heard about Sleeping Bear Dunes from a friend, so decided to give it a shot.

Let me share some facts first. Sleeping Bear Dunes is a US national lakeshore located in northwest coast of lower peninsula in Michigan. The name “Sleeping Bear” comes from Ojibwa Indian legend where a mother bear and her…


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